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Marketing Your Home

There are two levels of marketing your home: to the Buying Public and to other Real Estate agents—both are vital to make sure your home finds the right buyer. Your Semmler Pollard Professional will immediately implement a plan to maximize exposure to both of these groups.

People looking at your home, both with and without another agent, must be        comfortable that they are able to receive information quickly, effectively and        completely. It is our job to make sure this happens

The importance of a good relationship with other agents cannot be overstated. As        agents that have successfully worked this market many years, we have developed a        reputation for professionalism. This reputation allows us to interact effectively in        the  real estate community and maximize the salability of your home

Our Marketing Plan

Carefully evaluate your home in relation to competition on the market and current         market conditions

Prepare a market analysis to determine the best pricing for your home

Prepare marketing brochures with emphasis on staging and photographing of your         property to its best advantage

Schedule office tour and open house tour for all regional real estate agents to         maximize the exposure of your home

Make listing available to internet websites including HAR.Com,,,,,

Develop customized marketing strategy for your particular home including weekly         feedback reports to you, the seller

Incorporate agent and customer feedback into the pricing strategy and        communication string

Prequalify all potential buyers and negotiate all offers through to closing

Sell your home!

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